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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Some rambles based on the contents of my desk and the immediate vicinity.

The new issue of Cahoots Magazine is out. This is the one in which my "Imperfect Measurements" column debuts -- random stats and facts about Canadian women. I'm having a lot of fun writing the column. Hope you enjoy reading it.

The new issue of Glow is out. My "Compendimom" column is back and I've got a very short article on moms, babies, and toddlers and sleep in the issue. The magazine ran a nice plug for Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler: The Ultimate No-Worry Approach for Each Age and Stage in the issue, too. It's great to work with editors who really back me and my work.

I received a review copy of Random Acts of Malice: The Best of Happy Woman Magazine. (I've blogged about Happy Woman Magazine before, but, just to refresh your memory, it's the satirical woman's magazine, the place where you'll find articles like A Bitter You in 10 Easy Steps (some regular readers of this blog won't be needing this piece), Tips for Selling Your Work (a quick way to get on a first-name basis with your ISP and some of those international spam-busting authorities), and Are You Obsessed With Your Computer (if you dare!) If you have a deliciously dark sense of humor (think Starbucks Bold, but with more bite), then you will love this book.

Did you know that Sibling Appreciation Day is just around the corner? I do because my writer buddy Renee Raab Whitcombe (www.buddingfamily.com) tracks these kinds of things because she's the author of -- among other things -- Look Who's Going to Be a Big Brother and Look Who's Going to Be a Big Sister, two create-your-own photo album books for big brothers and big sisters to be.

Renee calls me every couple of months and we always have a great chat. Anyway, this time around, she was telling me about Sibling Appreciation Day, and I asked Renee if she wanted to offer some "real world" suggestions about how families with non-Brady Bunch siblings might choose to celebrate this holiday. I really liked one of her tips, which was as follows: "Politely interrupt a fight-in-progress by telling your kids about the things you and your siblings used to do to each other (like cutting their hair and hiding it under the bed or dunking their hand in warm water while they were sleeping). My kids think these old antics are hilarious and actually stop bickering to inquire about all the gory details. Later, I hear them re-telling it to each other after lights-out in their bunk bed."

I've been feeling really guilty about not posting a long-dorman guilt interview with Debra Gilbert Rosenberg about her book Motherhood Without Guilt. So to get that item off my guilt radar, I'm going to post it early in the week.

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