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Mother's Day Gifts to Give Yourself

Thursday, April 20, 2006
This is a post in progress -- one I'll be adding to for the next few weeks. I just wanted to start it now so that you could start saving your pennies now for some of the goodies on this list. Some of these items are very inexpensive; some are a little more pricey; and some are priceless. (You'll have to be patient to find out what I mean by that.) Here goes.

Oh yeah. These aren't in any kind of order.

(Here we REALLY go.)

Nanci's amazing audio gift to the mothers of the world, which Lynn reminded me about in her post today. (Note: I am interviewed in the pregnancy segment, but I'm not benefiting financially from this project. I am, however, very proud to have been chosen as one of Nanci's go-to mamas on pregnancy and birth.)

If you love books, wouldn't you love this? I also really like this. I'm not quite sure why I haven't ordered them from Amazon.com for myself yet, especially since I have a $20 gift certificate from the site burning a hole in my desk. Definitely one of life's mysteries.

Speaking of cool gifts for bookish moms, what do you think of this and this?

If you are going through a "I've got to get my hurricane of a life under control" phase like I am (amazing how repeated email crashes can put a gal in that kind of mood!) then you may want to treat yourself to some of these fabulous books that I am reading -- and loving -- right now. (Where is it written that you have to read one book at a time? NOWHERE.) Getting Things Done -- a really smart, sensible, and balanced approach to tackling tasks in a way that makes sense. There are all kinds of great places to talk strategy with other GTD aficionados, but I'll leave that post for another day -- and The Four Agreements -- a book I'm sure the rest of you read a million years ago, but that was new to me until two people suggested it to me in the past two weeks.

I just treated myself to the most heavenly-smelling candle -- Pacifica's Neroli Orange Blossom Candle, to be specific. For those of you in Canada, they're selling them at Chapters right now (at least in-store). You can smell them the moment you walk in the store. Mmmmm. That's where I got mine.

Well, those are a few items to get you thinking about pampering yourself, and all the other moms in your life. (We moms have to look out for one another, after all.) Stay tuned for more additions to The Mother of All Lists -- Mothers Day edition 2006.

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