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Today We're Talking E-Words -- Like Email, Entourage, Enemy, and Evil

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Bill Gates was bragging recently about how email really isn't that much of a problem for him, thanks to the miracle tools at his disposal.

I use one of Bill's products (Entourage, which is the email program built into the Mac OS X version of Microsoft Office), and I can tell you how it is that Bill keeps his email message count so low -- a mere 100 messages a day. It's because his flipping email software crashes so often that you spend most of your day rebuilding your email database.

Right now, Entourage wants me to choose a new identity and move on. At this point, that sounds like a very appealing option -- become someone else. I thought about becoming Maria from The Sound of Music, but I could never make pajamas out of curtains, so that's out for me. Besides, Nancy makes a great Maria. I guess I'd better start working on my Nellie Forbush instead. As long as it's someone classy from a movie musical, it would be a lot of fun. (Or a lot more fun than rebuilding my email database yet again.)

| posted by Ann D @ 3:08 PM