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18 Years Ago Today, I Became a Mom

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
18 years ago today, I became a mom.

After spending days musing about how to mark this mother milestone in a suitably fitting way, the universe took care of things for me: I got this wonderful gift from Andi Buchanan: she posted an e-mail exchange that the two of us had recently -- an email exchange I've been meaning to post as part of the blog book tour for It's a Girl.

This email exchange with Andi does as good a job of capturing the essence of my relationship with my daughter as anything else I've ever written -- other than the essay that I wrote for Andi's book ("The Food Rules").

Andi, not only are you a wonderful writer buddy and editor: you're also a wonderful friend. I sure hit the motherload the day I met you. XO

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