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Canada AM in the morning!

Thursday, May 25, 2006
I'll be on Canada AM at 8:45 am in the morning, trying not to poison any of the Canada AM crew. (I'm serious. I have half-prepared food sitting in the parking lot behind the hotel in a cooler bag. I have asked the producers to warn the crew not to sample the food, due to the risk of food poisoning. Vomiting does not make for good TV.)

Then after Canada AM, there's the book launch at The Ella Centre. Should be a totally amazing event, judging by the fact that I'm finally going to get to meet some people I've worked with (virtually) for years.

Then I'll have the chance to hang out with some of the most happening women in T.O. (You know who you are.) It should be a totally awesome day -- one of those Cinderella moments.

So why am I up at midnight with insomnia?

Maybe it's because this feels like someone else's life, rather than mine.

Or maybe I'm waiting for the adrenaline to leave my system. (I had a TV shoot at my house this afternoon. Then I had to hit the grocery store and then Neil and I did all the food prep for Canada AM -- and then I hopped on the highway to drive to Toronto @ about 9:00 pm.)

Anyone know the number of a good therapist -- ideally one who makes house calls to authors' hotel rooms in the middle of the night?


6:52 am postscript, Thursday morning. If you catch any news reports of a clearly deranged woman doing "food art" in the back of her SUV in a parking lot in Scarborough, there's no need to worry about the imminent invasion of the Stepford Moms. It's just me getting ready for my 8:45 am appearance on Canada AM. Or maybe there is reason to worry. Do other people play with sweet potatoes in parking lots before they've had their morning coffee?

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