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There's Hyperspeed, and then There's TV Speed

Thursday, May 25, 2006
Well, that was certainly the speediest 3 minutes of TV I've ever experienced. (At the last minute, my segment was cut from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, so if you tuned in and wondered why each of my answers to Marci's questions was a sentence fragment and the total effect was staccato signals of constant information, it's because we soldiered along and tried to squeeze 5 minutes of content into those 3 minutes.) Just for the record, I had not yet had my Starbucks Venti Bold, so caffeine wasn't to blame for the hyper speed of the interview. It was simply the pace at which those on-screen boards kept coming, relentless waves of content that kept driving the pace of the interview, forcing both host and guest to speed up in order to avoid being dragged under by one of the waves.

That's not to say that the experience wasn't a lot of fun -- or an amazing creative challenge, since this was the first time I've ever cooked anything on live TV -- or that I'm not hugely grateful for the opportunity that I had to go on Canada's top morning show to talk about my book. I'm just feeling slightly breathless in the aftermath.

P.S. Before I could stop him, Seamus ate some of the hummus. I hope he will be alright. I think the ice pack kept it cold all night. Only time will tell.

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