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Chew On This

Thursday, June 15, 2006
It's kind of surprising that KFC would decide to go ahead with this Today's Parent email blast campaign targetted at families tonight, given the bad press it received earlier in the week when a joint Globe and Mail/CTV investigative report spotlighted the high trans-fat levels in some of its foods.

The menu -- which the company is promoting as the perfect menu for "the dinner table, the picnic, the family reunion, or Father's Day" -- features fried chicken, fries, "traditional salads" (the photo shows macaroni and creamy coleslaw), gravy, and brownies.

The nutrition information (.pdf) available on the main KFC website doesn't contain trans fat data, but it still makes for very interesting reading, particularly if you're fascinating by the anthropology of food. (Popcorn chicken. That is practically guaranteed to find its place into the anthropology books, don't you think?)

For more on fast food, see Diane Peter's article "Weighing In" in Today's Parent's ongoing "Fat Action" series -- a series designed to encourage Canadian families to make healthier choices when it comes to feeding their kids and to otherwise tackle the Canadian childhood obesity crisis.

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