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The Mother of All Immunization Tracker Tools

Wednesday, June 07, 2006
You guys know what a sucker I am for cool tools that make moms' lives easier.

And how I've been shifting into this organize and work smarter mindset for a while.

Pretty soon I'll be launching a new website that ties a lot of this together. But what's really amazing me is how some of the projects I've been working on with other people are starting to really fit into the "mother of all solutions" theme.

For example, I was recently asked to consult on Prevnar's new website for Canadian parents. The result is a really useful immunization tracker tool that allows you to sign up for immunization reminders and to keep an electronic backup of your child's immunization record (handy if the original happens to get lost or -- worse -- to go through the washing machine).

The tool is designed to provide immunization schedules that can be customized for each Canadian province and territory. The moment you enter in your child's age and immunization record to date (information that is fully secure and confidential), the immunization tracker tool tells you if your child is falling behind in any immunizations or due for any immunizations in the near future. You can sign up for electronic reminders (or not, if the last thing you want in your life is more email). It's a handy and versatile tool designed to make your life easier as a parent. And you've got to love the name. Because the website contains excerpts from The Mother of All Parenting Books (Canadian edition) (revised to ensure that all immunization information remains current), the tool is known as The Mother of All Immunization Tracker Tools.

I hope you will enjoy using this tool and find it helpful in keeping track of your child's immunization schedule and record.

Note: Wyeth Canada is simulaneously launching The Mother of All Immunization Guides, a booklet that blends immunization-related information from The Mother of All Parenting Books (Canadian edition) with additional information about immunization, including customized immunization schedules for each Canadian province and territory. The guide is being distributed through daycares, family recreation facilities, and other family-friendly organizations throughout Canada.

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