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Mug Shots

Thursday, June 08, 2006
I've had more trouble getting Blogger to work in the past few days than I have in the entire time I've been blogging. Every time I've gone to put up a post or to comment on another blog that's hosted by Blogger (like this one, for example), I get a friendly little note saying that the engineers are working on the problem and I should go and make coffee or something. (Well, that's what I read into the message anyway.)
And speaking of coffee, now that I've finally learned how to use the photo-taking ability in my cellphone and to transmit photos from my cellphone to my email, I can show you a photo of the very cool vintage coffee pot that Marla gave me during our most recent rendezvous -- the one at The Fox and Fiddle? Isn't it too cool for words?
I also want to show you the newest mug in my collection: my mug from The Mom Show. (You did know I got into this book-writing thing for the TV show mugs, right? It's all about the free mugs.)
Anyway, I taped an episode on Monday that will air sometime in the fall. In addition to hosts Catherine and Laurie and a lovely mom named Jasprite who was there with her little guy, I was on with Maureen Dennis from WeeWelcome, Sara Bingham from Wee Hands, and Karyn Gordon a.k.a. Dr. Karyn. It was like "old home day!" (I was on the show talking about my latest books.)
Speaking of The Mom Show, producer Jay Armstrong is looking for a guest for Monday's taping -- someone who's school-aged child has struggled with stress, anxiety, or shyness. Contact him directly if you'd be willing to share your family's experiences.

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