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A Newborn Starbucks

Thursday, June 15, 2006
I happened to be passing through Leaside twice in the past few days, so I got to visit the new Leaside on Laird drive (in that new megastore development just south of Vanderhoof -- the one with the Best Buy and the Home Depot) twice in the past few days. The store only opened last Friday.

The people who work in the store are really nice. They had some extra sandwiches left last night close to closing time and I hadn't had dinner yet, so they gave me one for the road. (I had to drive home after a day of doing media in the city as part of a promotion for Movies on the Go: I was asked to offer summer travel tips for families and to create a summer craft/activity kit that families could take on the road to keep school-aged kids happy/entertained.)

I'm probably going to be visiting this location on a fairly regular basis because it's near my sister's house, my Grandma's retirement residence, The Ella Centre, my favourite Winners -- and it will serve as a perfect coffee pitstop before I hit the highway for home when I'm leaving T.O. I am so happy there's now a Leaside Starbucks. Woo hoo!

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