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Sound Advice

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
I've been paying extra attention to sounds ever since I heard yesterday afternoon's CBC Freestyle interview with Aaron Ximm, the fellow who came up with the idea of the one minute vacation. (Basically, it's an instant audio vacation you take by downloading a sound clip.) This inspired me to experiment with the recording software and built-in microphone in my laptop. I made this recording of the sounds on my cottage deck earlier this afternoon. If you listen to the clip, you'll hear the wind rising and falling, the wind chimes sounding, and the odd bird sound or chipmunk noise.

Wind Chimes on My Cottage Deck in June (.wav)

Wind Chimes on My Cottage Deck in June (mp3)

[Note: My Internet connection speed is too slow to let me test that these are working properly. I'm connected via dial-up at 24000 bps! So hopefully one or both will work for you. They work fine offline, but that doesn't mean a lot.]

Right now, I'm enjoying a wonderfully rejuvenating mini-sabbatical at the cottage by myself while my youngest is on a school getaway at camp. (I know. The freedom is positively intoxicating.) I plotted out an entire novel last night. It came to me in a flash so I thought, "What the heck. I'm writing this down." It may sound like utter crap when I re-read the notes in future -- or not. Parts of it have possibility. One part of the plot stinks. I'm going to play with it some more and see if I still like it -- or if it leads me to something I like more.

I like having time to mull things over, with no time pressures whatsoever. Right now, I'm downloading mail on the only phone line in, so no one can phone me, fax me, or otherwise communicate with me. (Gosh, that sounds awfully hermitesque, doesn't it? But when you're in a really creative frame of mind, sometimes you really want to get away from every distraction on the planet. That kind of begs the question: why I am I downloading my email?)

I'm totally alone up here: there's not another soul on the entire lake. The only companion I have to keep me company is the squirrel (or mouse or rat -- I'm thinking squirrel) that keeps dancing in the ceiling of the cottage. (My husband has asked me to try to figure out where it's getting in. I did a brief, very brave walk around the cottage, waiting to be dive-bombed by a rabid rodent. I figure that covers off my obligation.)

Just had my lunch -- at 4:30 pm. (Yes, I'm going crazy with the freedom. Or should I say a little squirrley?) Think squirrels, not mice. And certainly not anything yuckier. That is my mantra.

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