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Dear Thief or Thieves

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
To the person or persons who stole my daughter's backpack from her workplace this morning:

I have to assume you had a greater need for her backpack and its contents than she did -- the contents and her backpack being

  • a Nightmare Before Christmas wallet that was a carryover from her "goth" stage;

  • all of her ID: driver's license, social insurance number, birth certificate, bank card, health card

  • the gift certificates she got for her birthday

  • the change that had accumulated in the bottom of the backpack

  • the iPod (engraved "Happy 18th Birthday Julie -- Love Mom and Dad") that was a gift for her 18th birthday.

This isn't the first time my daughter has had something stolen on the job. Someone stole the tip box from her workplace a few months ago and she and her coworkers lost out on an entire week's worth of tips -- a bitter pill to swallow when you're doing a lot of hard physical labour in a full-serve car wash that pays minimum wage.

So if by some chance the person who took my daughter's backpack happens to read this: I hope you found what you were looking for because the person on the other side of the equation -- my daughter -- had a great deal taken from her today. And her backpack, wallet, identification, birthday gift certificates, and iPod were the least of what she lost.

| posted by Ann D @ 4:05 PM