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I Can't Believe I've Never Found This Blog Before

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
I bet you've all been there, but somehow my travels through the momosphere have never taken me to Staci's blog. How odd is that? And it's such a neat blog! (I know: the last thing I need is another blog to read -- but if you were me, could you resist diving in?

I particularly enjoyed her manifesto over at Squidoo:

Mothers Just Say NO to Parenting Experts

Give Yourself (and Your Kids) a Break!

It's important to love our kids and let them have experiences while growing up, but so much of the parenting advice out there relies on spending too much money on "learning tools" (give them a cardboard box) and on parents remaining ever calm and unaffected by their kids' behavior....

I totally agree with Staci: back away from the "learning tools" and find a cardboard box. That cardboard box can be transformed into a fort or a puppet theater that will prove far more "educational" in the end. (Besides, what's wrong with just having fun?)

And as for remaining ever-calm: what "real" parent can pull that off for 18+ years? Not me.

I guess that's why Staci's Squidoo lens and blog caught my eye: like me, she is only interested in having an honest dialogue about mothering. I'm all for leaving the white-washed version for someone else. Frankly, that version is too boring for me. My life may be messy and complicated, but it's real and it's mine. I think I'll keep it rather than trading it for the made-for-TV version of some picture-perfect parenting guru's life -- although it does sound tempting some days. (Perfect kids? A miracle parenting formula? Hey, that's pretty heady stuff!)

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