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There is Definitely a Parallel Blog Universe

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
I haven't had time to surf the momosphere in a serious way for many months -- okay, it may be almost a year since I spent hours and hours just randomly exploring links -- and that's an eternity in the life of something as organic and ever-changing as the Internet. All I can say is


After I spent a while playing around with the links at Mom101 (and getting choked up over her first birthday post to her daughter), I somehow found my way over to Life of Pie. (I had the chance to meet kittenpie (a.k.a. Life of 'Pie) in person a while back (and, just for the record, she did not order or eat kitten pie), but I had not had the chance to check out her blog in any serious way until tonight. I love, love, love the way she writes.)

Her blog led me to Friday Playdate (hey, it's only Wednesday! I'm early for once!). Too cool and too fun.

And then I found this really neat blog called Making Things Up, which talks about some of my very favorite subjects: babies and writing and sleep. The writer, Melissa, loves parentheses almost as much as I do. (You are very cool, Melissa.)

I can hardly stand it, people! I have the same feeling I get when I'm doing research: I'm never going to read all the things I want to read, so how do I choose? Sometimes my head feels like it's about to explode with all that information spinning around -- but it's mostly in a good way.

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