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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Sometimes being a writer is totally crazymaking -- and when you try to explain to non-writers why it's crazymaking, they look at you like you are, in fact, crazy which, of course, is even more crazymaking. That's why writers have to "hang together" -- both online and face-to-face -- and why attending writers' conferences can be such an inspiring and empowering experience.

Tonight, I was one of the invited authors at the "Dinner with an Author" event at the Canadian Authors' Association annual conference.

I'd had a really rotten day, so when I arrived at the dinner, I immediately said to my tablemates -- who'd forked over $25 for the privilege to dine with me, "Forget about being an author! Ask for your $25 back now." They seemed to think I was joking, so there was no backing out of the dinner: I had to find a way to try to inspire them -- or at least convince them that being a writer doesn't totally suck every single day. Talk about pressure.

The evening went really well, this despite the fact that

1. I didn't recognize my youngest son's gym teacher, even though she was sitting at my dinner table
2. some of the out-of-town delegates told me that a woman at the liquor store had enthusiastically welcomed them to town and told them she knew I was speaking at the conference and that I was really nice -- or something to that effect. (It's nice to have friends in the right places, don't you think?)

And you know what? I left feeling really inspired. Some of that writer comraderie worked its usual magic and I headed home feeling proud to be one of those half-crazed fools who gets high on paper, ink, and ideas and who can't imagine making a living any other way than weaving words. Thanks, CAA Peterborough.

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