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Del.icio.us -- Yum!

Monday, August 07, 2006
You've no doubt noticed my del.icio.us tags and my del.icio.us tag cloud in the sidebar on the left in recent weeks. The content changes constantly because -- most days -- I add at least a few new pages to my del.icio.us bookmarks, which changes the entries that show up in this blog. Because I'm constantly researching pregnancy and parenting issues -- and reading up on motherhood, women's issues, women's health, and pretty much anything else that catches my interest and attention on any given day (productivity, biology, body image, art), you'll find a motley assortment of links if you start exploring my links. If you'd like to have my links sent to your del.icio.us links sent to your del.icio.us inbox, all you have to do is join my network. (Just click on the "Add me to your network" icon in the sidebar.)

| posted by Ann D @ 11:21 AM