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Fridge Full of Rotten Food -- Yum!

Monday, August 07, 2006
It's always nice to have a unifying theme to your posts.

We got up to the cottage on Saturday, not knowing if we had electricity or not, and, as it turned out, the cottage had lost power on Wednesday night, along with many other homes and cottages in central Ontario. (The cottage is still without power, in fact, and likely will be until the middle of this week.) So instead of spending the weekend up north, enjoying sun and fun, we removed the rotting food from the refrigerator, disinfected everything to the best of our ability (using cold water and cleaners and disinfectant wipes), and headed home.

And when we pulled out the refrigerator to clean up the puddle of gunge underneath, we found a dinner-plate sized ant hill. The ant mommies and ant daddies had been busy, because there were gizillions of ant eggs. We wiped out the entire civilization. It's actually in a garbage can in my garage here at home. (The dump in cottage country was closed so we had to transport all the fridge slime plus the ant colony back to Peterborough.)

| posted by Ann D @ 11:37 AM