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Momosphere Mail

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Sheila C was kind enough to drop me a line to let me know that The Mother of All Baby Books had received a nice recommendation from Moxie of Ask Moxie fame. Pretty cool. Thanks Sheila and Moxie.

Last night I received a fall flyer from Mabel's Labels telling me all the exciting things I could do with labels this fall (like I'm not addicted enough, thank you very much). Low and behold, there was a note at the bottom of the newsletter thanking me for donating copies of two of my recent books to a contest that Labelmiester-in-Chief Julie Cole had dreamed up in the spring. I thought it was pretty neat that Julie was sending out mail about me just as I was blogging about her a few days back. Coincidence? Momkarma? You be the judge.

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