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The Motherlode Conference

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Shelley was asking about the Association for Research on Mothering (ARM) and The Motherlode Conference. I've added details about the Motherlode Conference to the sidebar of my website, where it will remain until Conference Day. I'm really pumped about the Motherlode Conference because it features so many mother researchers whose works I've admired forever and because it will give me the perfect excuse to hang out in Toronto with some of my favorite mom/bloggers as we co-lead this session:

Mama's Got a Brand New Blog: The Rise of the Weblog and its Impact on Mothering

  • Mothering in the Age of Blog: Ann Douglas (author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books)

  • Welcome to My Sandbox: Danielle Donders (Communications Strategist)

  • A Blog of One's Own: Marla Good (Freelance Writer)

  • I've Been There, Too: Andrea McDowell (Editor, TheWholeMom.com)

  • Tool of Revolution or Online Shrine to Parental Self-Absorption: Jen Lawrence (Creator, T.O Mama)

I'm also going to be doing a solo session on the history of the modern pregnancy book:

Modern Pregnancy: Doing it By the Book

  • Ann Douglas (author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books)

A whole flock of other mom/writers/researchers will be heading to the conference -- Andi Buchanan, Amy Tiemann, Miriam Peskowitz, Faulkner Fox, to name just a few of the dozens of fascinating women who will be conference bound. I would encourage any mom who can make it to the Greater Toronto Area that weekend to block off these four days on her calendar now. This is the most exciting motherhood conference event ever. I am thrilled and honoured to be a part of it.

Don't miss out. Grab a mom-friend and plan to make a date of this four-day celebration of everything mom. If you plan to attend the Motherlode Conference, you'll want to register soon. The registration deadline is September 12, 2006.

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