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First Day of School: A Milestone Moment for Moms

Monday, September 04, 2006
Just want to wish everyone a "Happy School's Eve" and a terrific first day of school, particularly those moms who have little ones heading off to school for the first time. It can be an exciting time, but it's also important to recognize that this is a milestone moment in your life as a mom.

You may feel like your baby is being wrenched from your arms and that you're taking that first step down the slippery slope that leads to her heading off to college...getting her first apartment...or otherwise leaving the nest. Or maybe you won't play these kind of melodramatic headgames with yourself -- the kind of headgames that had me weeping the whole way back from the bus stop as my firstborn and my youngest hopped on the bus for the first time. (It wasn't quite so wrenching for the others because they were sandwiched in the middle. I had either been through the "first bus ride" before or I still had another child waiting in the wings.)

Sure, letting go in stages is part of the deal we all signed up for when we joined The Motherhood Club. But knowing that this day would come and feeling that little hand slip out of your hand and then watching those little feet make their way up those too-big stairs bus stairs is something very different.

If you're having a rough day tomorrow, maybe it will help to know that somewhere, at another bus stop, there will be another mom swallowing hard, smiling through her tears, and waving furiously as the bus pulls away. You may feel lonely, but you're not alone.

| posted by Ann D @ 8:54 PM