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Numbers and Links

Sunday, September 17, 2006
MUBAR has undergone a bit of a reno in recent days. The new look? Decidedly minimalist. She's killed the statsmeter (which, we all have to admit, is the ugliest bit of blog bling ever invented) and she's ditched the list of blogs she reads. She's trying to make a point about blog hits and linking and marketers and money vs. what she's calling back-to-basics blogging.

My stats counter is gone now, too. I rarely check the thing and (as noted above) I think it's ugly as sin. It's also useless. My traffic hovers between 100 and 150 visitors per day, year in and year out, whether I'm posting about shopping for rocks or finishing books. I'm happy and grateful to have met some amazing people via this blog (many of whom are now true blue friends). The nicest people in the blogosphere happen to frequent this blog. (It's either that or the psychos don't leave comments.)

As for my links page, it's staying. I've tracked down a lot of links on a lot of different topics and parents use this page as a reference/jump page when they don't know where else to look for something.

So there you have it -- my take on numbers (hate 'em) and links (love 'em).

Now over to you....

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