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Squidoo Pregnancy and Parenting Group

Friday, September 15, 2006
If you've always wanted to set up a lens at Squidoo to promote your blog or to start a group blog that collects the feeds from a bunch of your favorite blogs or to stand on your parenting soap box to deliver a one-time rant on something that makes you completely insane or to share your knowledge on something you are totally passionate about, maybe I can convince you to start a lens (e.g., mini-website) of your own and join my Pregnancy and Parenting group at Squidoo.

If you join my group, I think you'll either earn a small bonus from Squidoo ($5 comes to mind) or that amount will be will be donated to a charity of your choice. There's some sort of promotion going on where we both get a bonus. I didn't pay that much attention because I donate all my lens proceeds to The March of Dimes. I'm more interested in community-building than getting rich quick. Good thing, given my choice of career. You can do well as an author, but as for having to store money in off-shore accounts? It hasn't been an issue for me quite yet.

| posted by Ann D @ 9:49 AM