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They Don't Call Them Savvy For Nothing

Friday, September 29, 2006
A friend pointed me in the direction of this bit of fine print over at Savvymom.ca.

Editorial Policy
We don't make any money from products or services we promote.
We write about the savvy stuff we love and that moms need to know about.
Our media partners pay for advertising and you will always know the difference because their messages will be clearly marked as SavvyMom Today sponsored e-mails or seen as banners ads or sponsored links on the top, bottom or side of your SavvyMom Today e-mail.
We are your trusted source and we didn't get here by selling ourselves.
We have strong editorial ethics and we are sticking to them.

If SavvyMom made this available on a t-shirt, I'd wear it.

I think this declaration is a great example of how transparency about what is (and isn't) an ad message boosts a blog's credibility and makes the entire momosphere stronger. Savvymoms Minnow and Sarah know their target market well. Moms don't like to be played for fools or manipulated. Moms want authenticity, straight up. Lose that ingredient and you'll lose moms. It's that simple. (But sometimes you have to be savvy to "get" simple.)


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