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What Do You Do With Your Favorite Cards, Letters, Stalk-o-Grams?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Do you have a folder or scrapbook or drawer full of comments that people have sent you over the years that make you feel TERRIFIC?

I have these random bits and pieces of things all over the place. (I'm not neat and organized like Florence, who cuts and pastes nice comments into a single Word document. What can I say? My life is an exercise in multimedia.

Last night I got a lovely note from one of my editors -- one that almost made me cry -- so I made two copies of it -- one for my desk and one for my wallet (so I can carry it around with me on the Really Bad Days). And I wonder why there's so much paper in my life.

I think I should gather up all the emails, cards, letters, reviews, and random nice things I've received over the years from family, friends, readers, people I've worked with, blogging buddies -- including the loving stalk-o-gram that Marla left for me at the Ella Centre one day ("Hand over the author and no one gets hurt," it said, if I recall correctly) -- you know, all that great stuff and create something really special with it.

I'm thinking of a very unscrapbookish kind of scrapbook, if that makes any sense. Something lumpier and multimedia that might not be a book at all. Hmmm.

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