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Another Savvy Move for Savvy Mom

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Congratulations to Savvy Mom on the launch of their brand new Ottawa edition.

Ottawa is a great city for families, as Dani, Andrea and other Ottawa-area bloggers can attest.

There's The Byward Market -- a shopping and dining mecca. Those fabulous museums. Winterlude. And so much more great stuff to do with kids or with your mom friends.

Ottawa is also home to some fascinating moms (in addition to the aforementioned Dani and Andrea). My friend Anita created this highly popular website for Canadian parents of multiples and she hails from the Ottawa area. Catherine Marion -- one of the hosts of The Mom Show -- is an Ottawa-area mother. And, of course, one of the most famous moms in Canada these days is Catherine Clark (daughter of former Prime Minister Joe Clark and Maureen McTeer), who recently gave birth to her first child. I'm telling you, Ottawa is Mama Central. How savvy of Savvy Mom to recognize that fact.

Added 10/13:
By the way, Dani has created this great Squidoo Guide to Fun for Families in Ottawa. I meant to include this when I created this post yesterday, but I was hit with a temporary case of momnesia mid-post.

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