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From Soapboxes to Sleep Books

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
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Book Blog Tour - Day 3
One of the bloggers was up in the wee hours of the morning working on her post, so we're going to start with her. I happen to know that this is her usual modus operandi because when she and I were working closely together on the sleep book, we'd often flip emails back and forth at some insane time of the night/morning -- a time of night/morning when most other people (other than parents with young children, shift workers, and people on the other side of the world) were tucked snuggly in their beds, fast asleep.

  • And as you'll discover when you read Marla (Hello Josephine)'s post, she provided more than just technical reviewing services for me. She provided author therapy, too (and, trust me, that was a tough part of the gig). She provides a revealing look at herself, me, bookmaking, and sleep in this wonderful post. The photoessay at the bottom is totally Marla-esque and Josie-esque, which, of course, means magnificent.

  • Next stop, the playground -- Miriam Peskowitz's Playground Revolution, to be specific. In a post called "The Antidote to American Parenting Competition," Miriam (author of The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars) talks about what Sleep Solutions has to offer parents who are tired of all the competition in parenting, particularly around issues like sleep: "The book is filled with stories and advice from mothers, too, so it feels like going to the playground and getting mom wisdom just when you need it, as well as the friendship of other mothers. When so many parents feel judged as good or bad depending on whether their children sleep well, Ann Douglas offers an entirely different sensibility, totally outside the screed of American parenting competition." Miriam also blogs over at Everyday Mom.

  • Jenny at Three Kid Circus is clearly a reader after my own heart -- someone who loves the stuff at the back of books, organizational charts, indexes -- the "guts" that make a book work. I think she was impressed. "Brilliant" sounds pretty positive. :-) She adds: "Sleep Solutions is a quick, entertaining read, full of real-life questions and answers from Ann's extensive research and interviews. I was tickled to read quotes from blogging mothers. Most of all, I appreciated the even-handed, unbiaised approach, presented in a way that even the most sleep-deprived of parents could easily find ideas and form a plan of action. Even as an eight year veteran of the Sleep Wars, there was new, reassuring information in here for me. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation techniques for preschoolers. We've already put the "sound of silence" into action, and it is working like a charm!"

  • For more about babies and sleep and books and blogging and other good things, stay tuned to this blog and MotherTalk.

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