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Good Morning (I Think)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
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Book Blog Tour - Day 2
Good morning. Or at least I hope it's a "good morning" at your place. I know that can depend a lot on how the night went -- or how early your morning started. And if you're a night owl who has been parachuted into a house of early risers, you may sometimes worry that you're not providing your baby with a lot of early-morning brain stimulation -- unless conversation like "Mmmm" counts. (I think it does. Babies need to learn consonants, too, you know. Whole words are highly over-rated.)

Anyway, we're back into the sleep trenches for Book Blog Day Two. (If you can say that without tripping on your words, you may not be quite as sleep deprived as you feel. Poor yourself another cup of coffee to celebrate. Yeah, you!)

Today, we're swinging by the blogs of

  • Sarah of Citizen Beta, another one of the moms from my sleep book panel, who introduces us to her daughter "sleepy vampire" and talks about what she's learned -- and is learning -- about sleep. ("'Sleeping through the night' is often an impossible ideal and we should take comfort in smaller victories," she notes. Sarah has so many other great insights to share about sleep, and she's not afraid to be honest about how tough it can be to reach sleep nirvana as a parent. This post is definitely worth checking out.)

  • Danigirl of Postcards from the Mothership -- a mom who also offers a fabulously informative, soul-wrenching and funny behind-the-scenes reinactment of her own times in the sleep-deprivation trenches. (One thing puzzles me, however. Danigirl seems to become more articulate when she's sleep deprived, unlike the rest of us, who can barely piece together a coherent sentence, let alone all these amazing blog posts documenting the effects of cry-it-out and sleep deprivation on the mom psyche. Someone needs to get a research grant to study Danigirl. She's clearly got a back-up brain or something. Very impressive.)

  • Jenn of Jenn's Journal at ClubMom -- who sounds like one mega-tired and mega-discouraged mom (poor Jenn) -- does a great job of explaining what my book has to offer. I love the fact that she tells you that my book hasn't solved all her problems yet. (She only got the book a week ago, and if my book had delivered that kind of quick fix, I think it would have been more a case of good timing than anything else. I don't believe in quick-fix solutions and I don't promise them in my book.)

  • Andi of Mothershock and I talk about sleep guilt, good babies (yuck), good mothers (double yuck), and how I ended up being four months overdue with this book. (I tend to go overdue with my pregnancies, but really.)

  • For more about babies and sleep and books and blogging and other good things, stay tuned to this blog and MotherTalk.

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