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How to Enter "Tentative" Appointments in an Electronic Calendar

Saturday, October 14, 2006
A cool hack from the hackmeister himself, Merlin Mann of 43folders.com: This one involves putting putting an upside-down question mark (you know, one of those Spanish characters you can find if you explore your various character sets) in front of any appointments that are still tentative. (Read the details.)

While his hack applies specifically to the iCal for Mac (which I use and love), you could apply the principle underlying this hack to any electronic calendar organizer tool (computer-based or hand-held). Enter a special character to let you know that the "date" with the neighbors from you-know-where till hasn't been confirmed (and will only be confirmed if you are caught off guard and can't come up with a suitable excuse for cancelling. Don't you hate when that happens?) That way, the "pseudo" appointments will stand out from the "real" appointments on your calendar.

Also not to be missed from Merlin Mann are his first two productivity talks with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done (a.k.a. GTD). You can view the podcasts over at ODEO:

Productivity Talk 1: Procrastination
Productivity Talk 2: Patching Leaks

For a quick overview of the basic principles of GTD, check out the very useful GTD flowchart in the totally brilliant, volunteer-designed D*I*Y Planner.

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