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Moms Are Hot. No, Really.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
The online world can't get enough of us. I was over at ParentHacks a moment ago and noted that Mothers Click has launched. The site has had a fair bit of pre-launch buzz and it's been in beta-test format since the spring, but it's great to finally be able to take a peek inside!

I note that MothersClick has an ask-other-moms question and answer feature like ClubMoms' newly-launched MomAnswers feature* and Yahoo's highly popular Yahoo! Answers program.**

Marianne Richmond of BlogHer has done a fabulous job of researching all the parent spaces (think MySpace for moms or moms/dads) that have popped up recently. You'll definitely want to check out her article if you're interested in parenting trends, the mom market, or other related issues. You'll also want to read the Cool Mom Picks review of MothersClick.

The Fine Print
* I am a Mom Expert at ClubMom and was hired to do some writing for the MomAnswers program.
** I was invited to participate in the launch of Yahoo! Answers in Canada this past summer by contributing a question of my own.

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