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Motherlode Conference: Doing it By the Book -- A History of the Modern Pregnancy Book

Thursday, October 26, 2006
I am having the most amazing time at the Association for Research in Mothering's Motherlode Conference. I feel totally inspired by the amazing women I am meeting at every turn. I'll be standing there looking at a pile of postcards or brochures or bookmarks (all for things I want to know about) and, kaboom, an Andrea Gordon or Amy Tiemann, the fabulously inspiring Cooper & Emily, uberbuddy Jen, and Andrea OReilly and Renee Knapp (the powerhouses behind ARM) will appear out of nowhere. I feel like I'm having one of those dreams where you're nobnobbing with all the celebrities, but, in this case, these are all people I wanted to meet.

I'm too tired to write about all the inspiring people I met today (I will be blogging for the rest of the year about the unique and creative work mothers are doing, thanks to ARM!) so I'm going to post the handouts from my presentation from this afternoon, as I promised to do for my workshop attendees. So here you go:

Doing it By The Book: The History of the Modern Pregnancy Book (1900 to 2006): My speaking notes. For the hardcore history-of-pregnancy addicts.
History of the Modern Pregnancy Book -- Table: Describes some fun and lively examples of pregnancy books across the decades, including some deliciously awful pregnancy advice. Fun for most readers.
Overheads (visual shots of pregnancy books past; a collage of images, etc.) Unique!

canadianmotherandchild.jpg achildisborn.jpg

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