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Motherlode Conference: Mothering in the Age of the Blog

Saturday, October 28, 2006
Today's theme was about mothers taking action. I am totally inspired. I'll be blogging a lot more about some of the people I met today and the ideas that are now dancing around in my head, but I've got to start winding down so that I can get to sleep at some point tonight, so, for now, I'm simply going to post the handout for my portion of the presentation on mothers and blogging, as I had promised workshop attendees I'd do.

Mothering in the Age of the Blog (.pdf)

Note: My co-panelist Andrea of The Whole Mom will be compiling all five of our presentations (i.e. Danigirl's, mine, Marla's, MUBAR's, and her own) and publishing them together -- the way they were meant to be heard or read. (I was the second of five speakers on this topic and we made an effort to dovetail our presentations so that they would work as one integrated package.)

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