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The Sleep Book Blog Tour Marches On....

Thursday, October 19, 2006
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Book Blog Tour - Day 4
As you can see from the dates of two of these posts, two of these bloggers were busy blogging away yesterday afternoon. I was worried that their posts might be missed if I spliced their posts into yesterday morning's post after the fact (I know that these book bloggers put a lot of work into their book reviews and I'd feel terrible if their hard work was overlooked) so I decided to link them in this morning.

  • First stop -- Mandajuice: Poor Manda clearly didn't know that she was about to be zapped by the Ann Douglas Friday the 13th curse when she agreed to be part of this book blog tour. Her daughter, who had been sleeping well until she became part of the book blog team, suddenly developed sleep problems: "I think the moment I pressed send on that e-mail was the moment Genoa decided to stop sleeping through the night. When the book arrived two weeks later, I had spent the past ten nights wondering if I would ever sleep again."

  • Next stop -- The Life and Times of This New Mommy: K., who is pregnant with baby number two, has test-driven the book in her own home on her very own toddler and has found that the book has something to offer (very) tired parents. Even tired pregnant parents. She also likes the book's non-judgemental approach to sleep options: "Douglas does not chastise you for choosing to co-sleep, but instead offers suggestions on how to do it safely," she notes.

  • Third stop -- ParentHacks: Asha, whose highly popular and much-loved parenting site is firmly grounded in the parents-know-best philosophy. In her review, Asha concludes (correctly) that I wouldn't mind being called "the Anti-Expert" by ParentHacks. I think that's about the highest praise a parenting author could hope for from Asha & Company. And Asha totally gets what this book is about -- and what I'm trying to do through my writing in general. Mind if I shout this for a moment? It feels so great to be understood! She writes: "My favorite thing about this book...is the recognition that one size does not fit all. Ann makes very clear throughout the book that pressure and guilt have no part in the sleep debate. That's my kind of expert."

  • For more about babies and sleep and books and blogging and other good things, stay tuned to this blog and MotherTalk.

  • You might also want to make a sidetrip back to one of our earlier book-blogging stops Picture This for some terrific tips on photographing sleeping babies and to learn how to get started with something called Tabblo that Tracey demonstrates in her blog. Tracey inspired me to create this (see miniature version at the bottom of this post), in fact. (I'm pretty new to the world of digital photography and brand new to the world of scrapbooking, so be kind!) And remember that you've only got until October 27th to enter the "Sleeping Like a Baby" photo contest.

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