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Sleep Book Blog Tour: Not Ready for Bed Yet

Friday, October 20, 2006
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Book Blog Tour - Day 5
A couple of the bloggers who were scheduled to blog this week have had to ask for extra time, either because they're feeling just plain miserable (poor Kyra) or because it took their copy of Sleep Solutions forever to find its way to their side of the Planet and they needed a bit of extra time to read the book and think about what they wanted to say. So we won't be putting this sleep book blog tour to bed until sometime next week. (Exact timing TBA. Parenting book tours, like parenting itself, should be flexible and open-ended, don't you think?)
But I'm getting ahead of myself, as usual. We've still got to talk about today -- and, as you can see -- we've got plenty of sleep book blogging action going on. Here's whose been saying what and where.

  • Boston Mommy Meredith O'Brien -- a parent who has done some heavy-duty time in the sleep-deprivation trenches, by the sounds of it (she tells us that her youngest didn't sleep through the night or in his own bed until he was three) -- had the same reaction to Sleep Solutions as many exhausted parents might when confronted with yet another new sleep book: "I eyed it with a great deal of suspicion and skepticism." But in the end, the book proved itself: "As I perused the pages, noting its gentle approach -- no "if-your-kid-ain't-sleepin'-you-suck" messages coated with a clinical or authoritative veneer -- I found myself wishing I had this book when I was scraping by on precious little sleep as the mother of a baby and twin toddlers."

  • SheKnows Pregnancy & Baby is featuring a roundup of my articles
    about babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and sleep.

  • If you swing over to Dot-Moms, you'll see that Anjali and I found plenty to talk about once we started talking sleep. And this is the edited-down version of the interview. It could have been so much longer. What can I say? Anjali asked me some really thoughtful and inspiring questions.*

  • For more about babies and sleep and books and blogging and other good things, stay tuned to this blog and MotherTalk.

* Just as an aside: I really appreciate the fact that Anjali took the time to read my book and to blog about it right now, because is going through a really tough time right now. (In her other blog Life in the Hundred Acre Wood, Anjali has some very insightful things to say about the pressure that moms get to move on after a miscarriage. I know a lot of readers of this blog have experienced that "statute of limitations" surrounding grief, so if you have any resources to share with her or you just want to offer her some support, maybe you could drop by and leave her a note. She's hurting and feeling alone. "The number of people I can cry to is slowly evaporating," she writes. "The socially accepted time frame for me to mourn has ended. Knowing this is as hurtful and isolating as the miscarriage itself.")

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