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Sleep Time or Me Time? The Mother of All Dilemmas

Monday, October 16, 2006
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Book Blog Tour Day 1

This quote from Cathleen, mother of 8-month-old Miyoko, one of the moms I interviewed for Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler has always stuck with me:

I know there's logic behind the advice to "sleep when your baby sleeps. It makes a lot of sense! But that doesn't leave time for R&R activities; whatever they might be for each person. Reading a novel, taking a bubble bath, painting your toenails -- these are luxuries for moms! I gladly forfeit sleep to grab some me-time. It saves my sanity in a way that sleep cannot. Tomorrow I'll just cross my fingers and hope that Miyoko decides that she wants a long nap, and I'll lie down and catch a snooze with her then.

You see, there's no right or wrong solution when it comes to sleep. There's just the solution that's right for ourselves and our families today. The more we get caught up in black and white thinking about sleep (or anything mothering related, for that matter), the more guilt there is. And that just makes mothering harder.

As you already know, the Sleep Solutions Book Blog Tour officially kicks off today. I'm going to start you off by sending you to the blogs of three moms who served on the book panel for this book:
  • Tracey (Mother May I), talks about the difference between "the idea of having a baby" and the reality of settling into your "new mother skin"; describes Sleep Solutions as empowering, honest, open and kind (hey, sounds like Tracey herself!), and then invites you to participate in the "Sleeping Like a Baby" photo contest at her ClubMom photo blog Picture This

  • Chris (The Smartmouth Mombie) talks about her own experiences in the sleep guilt trenches (I tell you: sleep guilt is practically pandemic)

  • Beachmama (Life is Good at the Beach) talks about how her sister -- a new mom -- finally learned the truth about babies and sleep.

For more about babies and sleep and books and blogging and other good things, stay tuned to this blog and MotherTalk.

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