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Still Born

Monday, October 16, 2006
Some lovely posts in response to my recent thread about stillbirth made me think that maybe I should repost the link to a post I wrote two years ago about life after stillbirth ("No Longer Living in October's Shadow"). After all, yesterday was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (for my American friends at least; in some parts of Canada, it's celebrated on September 6th) and last Monday was the ten year anniversary of my daughter Laura's stillbirth -- a day I chose to mark quietly with my husband and my kids.

Here's what I know after ten years and one week of walking this path. There is life after stillbirth, even though your heart and mind and every fibre of your body swear otherwise when you're still reeling from the immediacy of your loss.

Continue drawing breathe in a world without your baby?


Trust in a future that has been mapped out to include mom+baby (an equation that will forever be left unsolved)?


And yet you go on.

The fallout is unpredictable -- unexpected costs, unanticipated gifts -- and you emerge a mother transformed by the experience of having conceived, carried, and cherished; birthed and buried a baby who was Still Born.

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