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UNICEF Halloween Programs in the U.S. and Canada

Friday, October 20, 2006
I had an email from Maria Bailey of Blue Suit Mom, asking me to help spread the word about the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF (a program of the United States Fund for UNICEF) that she is helping to promote this year.

I told her that I wanted to research this issue a bit before I blogged because I had noticed that the number of kids carrying UNICEF coin boxes in Canada in recent years had really dropped off (something that had really been bothering me), and I wanted to find out what was up with that. So here's the scoop on coin boxes in Canada.

First of all: it wasn't my imagination. The coin box program had dwindled in popularity, so UNICEF Canada has rethought its Halloween fundraising initiatives for kids. As a result, this year children in Canada are participating in a month-long fundraising initiative through their schools. You can find out more about how the coin boxes have given way to other fundraising ideas at the UNICEF Canada website.

Whether you've got kids carrying a coin box in the U.S. or raising funds through their schools in Canada, UNICEF is a great cause. Thanks for this timely reminder, Maria, and for encouraging me to find out more about the coin box program in Canada.

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