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What She Said

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Kudos to the following bloggers for speaking up on issues related to moms, marketing, and the online world of moms.

  • The Dot Moms, for making a point of noting when a reviewer has received a free book or product sample. This goes above and beyond what many mainstream media outlets do (when was the last time you read a newspaper book review that concluded with the line "a free copy of this book was sent to the reviewer in question"?), but it's certainly a breath of fresh air in an era of non-stop pitchmanship. Yeah, DotMoms!

  • Mimi Smartypants, for speaking out against "blog shilling" in her uniquely smartypants way (thanks to Marla for the lead on this one)

  • Marianne Richmond of BlogHer's Mommy & Family | Technology & Web, for letting the marketers behind P&G's VocalPoint network of "influential moms" know that she has been less-than-impressed by the condescending tone the company has chosen to use in its communications and that she doesn't think the company has offered moms appropriate compensation for the time they spend on VocalPoint activities. (Richmond notes that "in the dark ages before online social networks" companies used to pay consumers actual money to participate in focus groups.)

| posted by Ann D @ 2:58 PM