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Bookmark Bonanza: Links to Live By

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
I was looking for something in my huge -- and growing -- collection of bookmarks today and I realized I've got some really nifty links stashed away in my bookmark collection that I should be sharing with my fellow bloggers -- a mix of practical, creative, odd, and inspirational. Let's start with the practical.

MAKE YOUR OWN IKEA-STYLE RULERS AT HOME. Don't you hate it when the kids walk away with your ruler and you need to measure the length of something in order to finish whatever it is you're working on? I'm sure that's what led the webmaster behind this site to invent these printable paper rulers -- having kids who walked away with his/her rulers one too many times.

EMERGENCY CRAFT SUPPLIES. Someone posted the link to these vintage wallpapers to a list I subscribe to. You may want to bookmark this one for a day when you're looking for art inspiration for yourself or your kids. Print out some swatches on your colour printer and you've got the modern-day equivalent of those wallpaper sample books we used to cut up when we were kids.

KID FRIENDSHIPS EXPLAINED. I have a habit of bookmarking quirky things. A lot of quirky things. I guess I should classify this one as quirky and depressing. Apparently, kids like to make friends with other kids they perceive as being lucky. Suddenly my entire childhood makes sense. (I was born on a Friday the 13th.) I found this one via the frighteningly addictive Mindhacks.com.

YOUR WORLD -- ON SALE THIS WEEK AT WALMART! I've been really enjoying the quotes over at the always brilliant Frugal for Life. In this batch this quote really stood out: "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." (Anna Lappe) It's a thought worth pondering during the season of overconsumption.

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