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Busy Moving to the New Office

Monday, November 27, 2006
I've been busy moving stuff to the new office and meeting writing deadlines -- hence the uncharacteristic silence here at The Mother of All Blogs. Otherwise, all is well. I'm feeling reasonably good these days, despite the fact that I picked up a killer head cold last week. (It came on right after I had my flu shot. I re-read the list of side effects that you can get from a flu shot, and this doesn't seem to be one of them, so I'm assuming it's simply an unlucky coincidence.) Besides, a head cold beats feeling depressed hands down, so I'm feeling grateful for the head cold.

The office is coming together nicely. The Internet is now working (yeah!) and I hope to have the phone line working soon. Not having a phone line has its advantages, of course, but you can't play writer-hermit forever. At least I don't think you can. Hmmm.....

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