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Distracted Moms: Tune in, Turn on, Zone out, Create?

Thursday, November 02, 2006
Babylune makes a great point about the mischief kids can get into when mom is distracted -- perhaps because mom is outlining an article, plotting a novel, creating art, or drafting a business plan in her head. I'm really fascinated by the "mother juggle" that moms do when they're physically with their kids but mentally somewhere else, as often happens when you're a highly creative or entrepreneurial person and ideas are constantly dancing around in your head. Sometimes we feel guilty because that unwritten Encyclopedia of Perfect Motherhood declares that when you're with your kids, they're supposed to have 110% of your focus and attention. But that's not always possible for highly creative moms. Babylune's post made me realize how guilty I used to feel about this when my kids were younger -- and how I still feel badly when I "zone out" at the wrong times.

It would be so much easier if I had a switch on my belly that would allow me to flip between "mother mode" and "writer mode" -- but then I'd miss out on the interesting, albeit messy, crossover that comes from the melding of those roles. And it would be really tough to find clothes that fit over the belly switch.

Enough musing for now. I've got overdue book chapters and a guilt-o-meter on overdrive. Welcome to my world.

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