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Kudos to Kiddley -- and Welcome Kiddley Links

Sunday, November 05, 2006
Kiddley -- the beautifully illustrated and brilliantly written kids' projects blog created by Claire Robertson (a.k.a. Loobylu.com) and Phil McCluskey -- has launched a spinoff shopping blog-- Kiddley Links: Great Stuff for Kids -- rather than allowing Kidley to lose its original focus, which was to encourage parents to take "a little time out every day to remember how exciting childhood (and parenthood) can be with just a tiny bit of imagination."

"Increasingly we are finding that posting product information here on Kiddley just didn't fit with our aims for the site. But instead of ignoring all the wonderful things we stumble across available for kids online, we have started a new shopping blog so we can share them with you," Claire wrote when she announced the birth of Kiddley Links this week.

Congratulations, Claire, on the birth of Kiddley Links and for finding a solution to the products-in-blogs issue that works for you.

| posted by Ann D @ 11:33 AM