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Pregnant Pause Blog @ WebMD

Friday, November 10, 2006
Guess what? I'm the newest "expert blogger" at WebMD. (I know. I make the switch from goddess to anti-expert to expert from one day to the next around here. Who knows what I'll be tomorrow?)

I'll be blogging about pregnancy issues from a mom's perspective. As I explained in my brand new blog Pregnant Pause:

I'll bring you a motley mix of noteworthy pregnancy news -- as seen through the eyes of a mother who also happens to be a pregnancy author. I'll share some of my favorite web resources. I'll pass along tips and pregnancy wisdom that I think might be useful to you during the exciting months ahead.

Mostly, I plan to have a really good time blogging about all things pregnancy. I mean, if I'm not allowed to have any more babies (something my husband has pointed out to me quite emphatically a number of times this week, for some strange reason), I might as well enjoy the next best thing -- a virtual pregnancy. And the best thing about a virtual pregnancy (other than the fact that you don't experience morning sickness or backpain or other troublesome pregnancy symptoms): if you want to take time off from being pregnant, you simply walk away from the computer. There's no such thing as a pregnancy timeout in real life.

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