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Sleep Links

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
To the lively and enthusiastic group of sleep-deprived parents who came out to tonight's sleep chat at Pregnancy.org, here are the sleep links I promised to post after the chat:

Baby Sleep Questions: A quick quide to seven common baby sleep questions.

Sleep Links: The Best Sleep Websites: Some of the sleep research sources I found particularly valuable while I was researching my book Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler.

Baby Sleep Solutions: Links to some other baby sleep articles and guides, sleep links, and other useful sleep resources.

Links to excerpts from my sleep book at CanadianLiving.com: See "The Secrets of Sleep-Savvy Moms: How to Make Sleep Deprivation Less Crazy Making" for tips on how to maximize your opportunities for sleep -- even before baby starts sleeping through the night.

Sleep Solutions Book Blog Tour: Lots of posts about what gets tired parents through the night....plus some photos of some almost impossibly cute sleeping babies. Day Six | Day Five | Day Four | Day Three | Day Two | Day One | Sleeping Like a Baby Photo Contest Winners

Ann Douglas: Books: An overview page providing links to my websites, my blogs, my tipsheets, my books, etc.

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