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What the Postman Brought

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
When (not if) I remember to bring my camera tomorrow, I am going to take a picture of the beautiful piece of artwork that Wiley Canada sent me. It was a very unexpected but also very lovely surprise.

Imagine the covers of the Canadian editions of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, The Mother of All Baby Books, The Mother of All Toddler Books, and The Mother of All Parenting Books, all beautifully framed in a gigantic black frame.

At the bottom, there is a tiny gold plaque that reads

The Mother of All Series
Presented to Ann Douglas
Celebrating 225,000 Books in Print in Canada
October 2006

There is also an accompanying letter of citation that's definitely frameworthy -- the kind of thing that is meant to lift you up when you're having The Mother of All Bad Days.

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