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Let's See if I Can Bring Down Blogger With One More Post

Friday, December 01, 2006
I have to say this before I go off to do some "real work." I had the huge thrill of meeting Karla and her totally adorable hubby last night. I have considered Karla to be a soulmate ever since I read this post of hers last year. You can imagine how much it meant for me to actually get to meet her last night -- and to see her looking happy, healthy, and very, very pregnant. (She's within three weeks of having her baby.) (If you want to learn a bit more about Karla, you may want to watch this amazing tribute video she created to honour her baby Ava, who died shortly after birth.)

The entire booksigning at Chapters Ajax was fabulous -- everyone who came up to talk to me had a really powerful and meaningful story to share with me last night (it was one of those nights) -- and I really enjoyed hanging out with my fellow Canadian Lit Chicks -- the catchy name that Kathy Buckworth gave the posse of women authors who dish the dirt on sex, relationships, food, kids, and shopping (and, yes, we covered all those topics and more at our debut book-signing last night). But meeting Karla -- wow. That was a really stand-out moment for me. Thanks so much for dropping by, Karla.

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