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The Maternal is Political (Book Project by Shari MacDonald Strong)

Saturday, December 30, 2006
Shari MacDonald Strong is seeking contributors for her forthcoming book The Maternal is Political.

Cindy Sheehan, Miriam Peskowitz, Beth Osnes, Gayle Brandeis, Tracy Thompson, Marrit Ingman, Katie Allison Granju, and Jennifer Margulis, and I are already onboard and (not surprisingly), everyone she has contacted is extremely excited about the project.

According to Shari, "The book will feature 30 stories about the intersection of politics and motherhood, written by and for mothers who are making the world a better place for children and families: both their own and other women's, in this country and globally. I'm looking for creative nonfiction stories and personal essays of any length that address the how motherhood and social change intersect, in big and small ways."

The release date goal is early 2008, to hit early in the year, before the next U.S. presidential election. Find out more at Shari's blog.

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