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Me and Martha

Thursday, December 28, 2006
Those of you who have been to my house (or even viewed the inside of my Honda Pilot) may find this news a bit shocking: last Tuesday (Dec. 26), I was a guest on Martha Stewart's radio channel on Sirius Satellite.

People, there's no need to panic: Martha hasn't decided to start a new show called "Clutter Chic" or anything like that. The show I did was on kids and body image and focused on the book Body Talk that my daughter and I wrote together. It was featured on the KidStuff segment of Martha's show (Tuesdays at 1 pm).

The hosts of the show did a great job of reminding listeners that now that we're creeping up on New Year's resolutions' season, we should keep in mind that our daughters (and sons) are hearing all those comments that we make about our diet resolutions, how much we pigged out during the holidays, and so on. While there's nothing wrong about resolving to be healthier in 2007, just make sure how you frame those resolutions -- and who's listening.

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