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Meet and Greet for Betsy McGregor in Peterborough

Thursday, December 28, 2006
I'm hosting a meet and greet for Betsy McGregor tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 29 from 2 to 4 pm) at 3108 Frances Stewart Road, Peterborough.

Betsy McGregor is one of the candidates for the Liberal nomination for Peterborough riding.

She's awesome and inspiring; she's got fresh ideas; and she has a track record that will command respect in Ottawa. (She's worked with the United Nations and at Harvard as well as for the Canadian government and at Trent University here in Peterborough.)

If you live in Peterborough Riding and you'd like to find out what Betsy has to offer, please feel free to drop by. The gathering will be very informal (it's the holidays after all). I'll be serving coffee and dessert. (The coffee is here; the dessert is TBA!) Please email me (ann at having-a-baby.com) if you know ahead of time that you'll be dropping by. It would be disastrous if we ran out of coffee.

Update 1/8 and 1/30: More info on Betsy:
Martha Hall Findlay and Betsy McGregor Wow Local Crowd with Talk of Passion, Vision, And Party Renewal; Martha Hall Findlay is Coming to Peterborough on Sunday -- to Betsy McGregor's Meet and Greet; Betsy McGregor's Kitchen Table Campaign Hits the Peterborough Examiner.

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