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"What do the Nerdy Ones Talk About?"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Remember how teens and preteens initially went online because there wasn't the same pressure to be cool? Well, that pressure has been ramping up ever since social spaces were invented. And now that some of the big media players are getting in the act, that pressure can only multiply.

CondeNast will be soon be launching flip.com (think flipbooks), where "super alpha girls" can showcase their perfect lives and nerdy girls -- well CondeNast doesn't seem to have those girls figured out quite yet.

"The super-alpha girls who want to talk about Miu Miu [designer shoes] can do that," says Jamie Pallot, the editorial director of CondeNet. "And the nerdy ones can talk about," he pauses, looking to his colleagues for assistance. "What do the nerdy ones talk about?"

Here's a bit of insider info for the folks at Flip. Nerdy girls who grow up to be nerdy moms talk about how shallow and superficial and tacky sites like this are -- to say nothing of potentially risky. (Why would we want to encourage our daughters to create virtual scrapbooks for predators?) I just don't get it.

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