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Citizen Journalism to the Rescue

Thursday, January 18, 2007
Say "mainstream parenting media" and many veterans of the parenting blogosphere are apt to dial 1-800-I-WANT-GARLIC in order to avoid the harmful after effects of reading about celebrity conception tricks or potty training tips. After all, what led to the creation of the momosphere (and the dadosphere) in the first place was that yearning for authentic from-the-trenches sharing of stories. Bloggers who crave that kind of authenticity will no doubt welcome the "citizen journalism" movement, in which ordinary people are encouraged to tell their stories.

Citizen journalism been around for a while. (The Facts and Arguments page of The Globe and Mail has been the most-read page of that paper for years and BBC News has turned its Your Stories, Your News, Your Pics feature into a powerful way to involve its readers in the telling of news.) But now the citizen journalism (a.k.a. participatory journalism movement) is really taking on a life of its own. If you check out Orato.com, you'll find a news site that has ordinary people from around the world reporting on issues that really matter to them -- and that aren't getting picked up on by the mainstream media.

Can you imagine reading a story about bipolar motherhood in a mainstream glossy parenting magazine or the memoirs of The Koolaid Man in your average upbrow lifestyle mag?

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The Current's show on Citizen Journalism this morning, which got me thinking about this in the first place

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